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The QCIB Experience: 2023 Conference

As Canada’s premier undergraduate international business conference we intend to provide a extraordinary experience to all attending delegates. From office tours, workshops, case competitions, case simulations, networking receptions and brewery tours, we offer it all!

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A Look at QCIB 2023

In 2023, QCIB finally returned to Toronto following our years of virtual conferences. On our first day of QCIB 2023, we hosted exciting speakers and networking opportunities through our dinner event. 

On the second day, we launched into our unique case simulation event, before moving into office tours and cultural lunches with our fantastic sponsors across our four stream. Finally, we ended the day off with a fantastic dinner and speakers panel hosted at Lennox Hall. 

On our final day, our team hosted stream-specific case competition for our delegates. We then moved into another exciting speakers event, before finishing off with our final banquet! Through these events, we saw our 2023 Executive team’s hard work come to life, and we can’t wait to see what our team achieves in January 2024!

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